Retail Therapy

From Restaurants to Apparel to Home Improvement and everything in between...

We can do it all because we've done it all...


Granite Transformations

Offering a new and efficient method for Kitchen/Bathroom Remodeling, Granite Transformations, in Little Rock, is one of about 60 franchises, nationally.

A relatively new business, opened in 2013. We started as their ad agency in January 2016 and they actually DOUBLED THEIR BUSINESS over the previous year. 

And were named "Franchisee of the Year" for 2016.

Volume didn't double again in 2017, but continued at a steady pace. This is much like direct-response advertising, where the client keeps close records of customer contacts. We work closely with the owner to modify media buys - as needed - based on these results. We call it "fine-tuning".



US Pizza

A locally-owned chain with the "World's Best Pizzas" and top flight management. Rapidly expanding, now have 16 locations. We do television focused on sporting events and evening news.




One of Arkansas' largest central heating and air companies. We handle the television, billboards, and digital advertising for them. We keep everything seasonal, with special offers for "pre-season", tune-ups, etc. Airmasters offers a "Satisfaction Guaranteed - Or Your Money Back" promise, which is featured heavily in advertising.



Liquor World

Arkansas' (and maybe the country's) largest spirits and wine store. Located in Fayetteville - Home of the Razorbacks! We do year-round television buys, with special emphasis on holiday seasons. 



Fletcher Benksy Furs

In addition to car dealers, remodelers, and heat & air, we also do high-fashion! Fletcher Bensky is our state's only full-service furrier. They offer storage, alterations, conditioning, re-styling and sell tons of new fur coats, vests, jackets, hats and accessories. They have been with the Neal Agency for almost 20 years.