Our advertising isn't a one trick pony.

After producing literally thousands of commercials, it's safe to say - We know TV. But it's not the only the only thing that we know. Our team consists of veterans in TV, Radio, Digital Streaming, Print and Outdoor. 

Our experience and knowledge can become your competitive advantage.




We represent the #1 Car Dealer in Joplin, MO (Fletcher Toyota), Monroe, LA (Sparks Nissan-KIA), Shreveport, LA (ORR Nissan), and the entire state of Arkansas… and the #1 Buick-GMC Dealer in America (Everett Buick-GMC)



Neal & Associates started in 1996. We're proud to have spent the last 23 years playing a part in helping many businesses succeed



We've produced 9,212 commercials as of March 2018, and that's just for TV. Our team has diverse experience with different media, providing our clients with expert knowledge in TV, Radio, Digital Streaming and Outdoor




Nothing even comes close to the power of television. A well-done, consistent television campaign ensures that you will find out who is in the market for your product. And that's basically what advertising does. We think there are a few essentials; Tell the consumer what's different about your product or service, Do it consistently with a television message that doesn't offend viewers... and Run where your prospects are watching. There. We've just given away the key. Works every time!



If you do radio like most of your competition, you're probably wasting your money. If you do radio like we do, it can be a real profit-driver. We use radio for high-impact... Two-Day Sales, Three-Day Sales, Countdown Sales. And with the right set of circumstances, radio can be a real brand-builder. Let us share some examples. 



We have the ability to do streaming ads targeted by demographics, zip code, and/or income. We can use this strategy in conjunction with broadcast TV and cable TV. However, the benefits and circumstances of streaming can make it a stand-alone product in certain markets. 

Digital Streaming reaches the "cord-cutters". In most areas, we can put your commercial in front of people watching broadcast, cable, Dish, DirecTV and most of the streaming services. 



Over 1 in 5 (22%) past month digital billboard viewers have changed their plans to visit the location featured in the ad." (Read More Here) As one of the last of the "unavoidable mediums", Out-Of-Home Advertising, particularly digital billboards, can polish off a great media mix. They serve as excellent directionals by themselves, or can complement mixed-media campaigns through cementing a particular branding concept or maintaining "top-of-mind" awareness.