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We are very fortunate to have THREE of the Country's Top Dealer Groups as clients.

Everett, Fletcher and Orr.

Frank Fletcher was one of our first clients. Everett hired us before they opened their first store. We started with one Orr location in 2004 and have added multiple locations in North Louisiana and East Texas.

Since starting in 1996, we've worked with these and other top tier automotive dealers such as Bill Barrett, Brent Durham, and others who've sold their stores for a gazillion dollars. We've contributed some, and learned a lot and are willing to share.



Everett + Neal Advertising:

Helping a Dealership Become #1 in the Nation

After being the #1 Selling Buick-GMC Dealer for ten years in a row, Everett topped it off by being the #1 Selling General Motors Dealer in the Country, in 2016.

Over 7,500 New Cars sold in 2016 tells you these guys know how to sell cars!

And our advertising has helped. We've written and produced every commercial. We’ve designed creative for most all print and outdoor campaigns. And we have placed all media buys for Everett, since they opened their first store in 2006. 

(Some serendipity here; when we met Dwight and Susie before opening the first store, we recognized immediately that Susie Everett was a "natural" for TV. Her commercials are among the most well received anywhere.) We hear it all the time, "I just love those commercials!" 


Fletcher Auto Group Logo.jpg

Fletcher Auto Group

When we started with Frank Fletcher in 1997, he had three stores in Little Rock, We've grown together, as Frank has bought and sold stores in Arkansas, Missouri, and Alabama. Today Fletcher operates 11 stores in Arkansas and Missouri. We also do advertising for other retail operations and restaurants that Mr. Fletcher owns. Twenty-one years may well be a record for an ad agency-car dealer partnership. And these guys ain't easy, they expect results.


Orr Auto.png

Orr Automotive

Starting with Sparks Nissan in Monroe, LA in 2004, we've subsequently added additional Nissan, Kia, Ford, Toyota, and Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep to the stores that we handle for this group.

For several years straight, Sparks has been the #1 New Car Dealer in his market. And that's with Nissan and Kia... in a "Truck" Market.

And a few years back Orr Nissan was taking double the market percentage in Shreveport that Nissan was getting nationally.

Along with these Owner-Managers, we've developed some marketing strategies that work so well, that in some cases, we've run essentially the same offer for years. And it just keeps working.